A horse with an armed rider – their multiple is cavalry, hussars, uhlans, cavalry … Poland stood for almost a thousand years with such types of army that aroused respect on the battlefields. Unfortunately, the classics, when this type of military was already dying out, was given a false ending. For example, about charging at Hitler’s tanks. The cavalry of that period was basically a very fast “infantry”, with great maneuverability, armed with machine guns or 37 mm anti-tank cannons. She usually attacked the infantry and drew her sabers where needed. And she did not end her wartime life in 1939. Who knows that the last cavalry battle of the Polish army took place in March 1945 near Mirosławiec. The First Warsaw Independent Cavalry Brigade, supported by T-34 tanks, defeated a German infantry division.

One could create a great library and museum devoted to the history of the types of mounted troops in different countries for several millennia. For me, the most important is its non-military feature – photogenic.